Welcome to The Catholic Trainer blog!
Training Catholics, not Catholic training.

As a personal trainer and nutrition coach, I’ve helped 100’s of women on their journey to fitness. But there’s another part of my life, and that’s my faith. As a Roman Catholic, I regularly attend church, and have recently started teaching Children’s Liturgy. I wanted to see how these two strings in my life could come together.

Faith and fitness can often go hand in hand. When women start working with me, they have faith that I’ll be able to set them on the right path. Otherwise, why would they bother? The same can be said of religion. I have faith that my religion is the right path, and if I ever get lost, I can always turn to it for guidance.

When we make big decisions in life, we often call on our core values to help us make the right decision. Naming a child, for example, can be born from some important factor in the parents’ life. Deciding to baptise me into the Catholic faith was a decision my parents made based on their core values, one I took on board when I baptised my own children into the faith. When you decide to get healthier, I encourage clients to ask themselves, why? Not just for the bikini body or size 10 jeans, but what about their core values? Quite often, they open up about how their grandparent died young from a heart problem, or how they have witnessed their mother battling the number on the scales, and how they don’t want their child to witness the same thing. We all have our reasons.

And so, The Catholic Trainer blog was born. I’ll be talking about faith, fitness, and everything in between. If you want to get in touch with me, please visit the Contact page, where you can find all of my social media links. You can also visit the CollyPower page for further information on how I train clients, as well as testimonials. This may be The Catholic Trainer blog, but my clients come from all walks of life, faith or no faith. I want to share the message with all, and meet like-minded people, as we share this journey. Will you have faith in me?