Do You Trust Me?

When preparing to teach children’s Liturgy, I try to keep one step ahead of myself so that I can prepare the lesson to make it as “child friendly” as possible. I always like to make the half hour they are in my care fun, interactive, and – hopefully! – wanting them to come back.


This is pretty hard when teaching the word of the Lord, as I am sure most Priests will tell you when they are preparing their homilies, so it was with a sigh that I found myself researching and thinking of ways to teach children about trust.

Psalm 56:3

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

A BIG subject for children, and it can take on different meanings depending on your situation.

So let’s start on the current subject, children’s Liturgy. Currently we only teach school years 2, 3, and 4, so we need to be able to relay the Liturgy in a way that is understood by them all – like I said, a tough job.

Before they walked in, did they trust their parents’ judgement that they would be safe in our care at children’s Liturgy? Of course, we get the children who are very young and it is their first time – we have to sit with them, or, worst case, we have to walk them back out to the church to find their parent(s). But, for the most part, they TRUST their parent to let them come and see us, and once they are in the hall, that trust is transferred to the Liturgists. And for that half hour they are with us, they have trust in what we say, how we act, and what we tell them to do.

Children trust everyone.

For the most part, that is not a fault. In fact, a lot of adults could take a lesson on trust from children. From their parents, the Liturgists, their teachers, their siblings, their friends, their friend’s parents, their swimming instructor. When you think about it, wherever a child is led, they trust whoever their leader is.

Now, let’s think about how we react to trust when we are adults. We have to trust the car we drive to get us to our destination, we have to trust the school we send our kids to that they are teaching them correct and are keeping our children safe. We have to trust our judgement on our work decisions and also if what we are doing for the family is right. We have to trust our family, our friends, and our faith.

Because without trust, we get stuck. We can do nothing, because all we can rely upon is ourselves.

So we don’t trust the car, what is the alternative? We walk.

So we don’t trust the school, what’s the alternate? We home-school our children.

So we don’t trust our judgement? We let someone else decide…

… So we still need to trust?

It’s a tricky one.

I had a particular difficult time at work this week. One which left me feeling inadequate, not trusting in my own judgement, and scared that this would get me into trouble. Who did I trust to share this with? My husband (to a point)?

It was God.

I actually Googled “prayers for strength and clarity”, and sat in my car before the gym and prayed quietly to myself, which was strange for me as I normally feel I need to be in a church environment to be able to pray effectively. A load had been lifted, and I felt that, by putting my trust in God, I had left it to Him to give me the strength to deal with the situation, however it panned out.

When I work with clients, they put 100% trust in me.

Prior to working with me. they had to set foot in a gym and have trust in themselves that they know what to do. They had to have trust in the gym instructor that they have told them how to work the equipment right. And trust in their own knowledge that THIS is the best way to lose weight.

Except, sometimes it doesn’t work. Their trust in themselves goes right down, and they look for someone else to trust.

Me… Such pressure!

So I have to be confident that I can trust myself with that responsibility.

That I trust my knowledge of the gym environment to teach correctly.

That I trust my knowledge of nutrition that I can give the correct advice.

That I trust my judgement on the clients exhaustion scale to know when to step in.

That I trust the gym equipment that they can workout effectively.

I could go on. But I trust you get my point?

Have you had issues with being trusted or trusting others? Leave me your comments below.


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