Do we now have God’s permission to binge?

As I write this blog post, it is Maundy Thursday – or more commonly known as Holy Thursday.


This is where, as Catholics, we remember Christ taking his last supper with his disciples. No doubt you have seen hundreds of pictures representing this very occasion, and each week at mass, this is represented by the priest talking us through the ritual Jesus started with his 12 mates.

“The Last Supper” is literally that. It was the last meal that Jesus had before he was crucified on Good Friday (in accordance with the scriptures), but how many times have you had your “last” supper before starting again on a given day (normally a Monday…).

Take this weekend for instance. Lent marked an occasion of deprivation for many (not quite fasting, but as close as we can get to live normal lives), where we had to give up things such as chocolate, alcohol, biscuits, etc. All things that we feel are sinful and should not be indulged in.

Much like how the diet culture is today.

So, this weekend, Lent has finished, we are now able to indulge again, and many of us will be marking this occasion with one or two (maybe more?) Easter eggs. A big mound of chocolate that we will sit and eat in front of the telly and tell ourselves that its “ok” to binge, because it’s Easter Sunday, we are celebrating. It is the Resurrection of Jesus, the end of Lent, an end to the solemn time in Christianity.

And actually, it is “ok”. Because tomorrow we can stop.

We can get back on it and go for a long walk and all the calories and indulgences and the overload on our digestive system will be over… Until the next “last supper”

Lent is actually a very traditional version of the “binge – restrict – binge” cycle that I see many of my clients, old, new, and existing take part in ALL the time. Myself including (because I am human).

So, moving forward, lets look at the LONG TERM solution to this. To stop thinking of certain foods as indulgences (they are only that if you do JUST that with them – indulge yourself – gluttony, remember, is one of the deadly sins).

If you have these things little and often, there is no need to binge, or to restrict, because they are part of a healthy lifestyle.

The questions is, are you able?

– Colette


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