I bet you can’t guess which part of Mass helps you lose weight?

Up until about 15 years ago, if you had asked me (honestly) what my most favourite time of Mass was, I would have said “the end”.

The priest would say “ this Mass has ended, go in peace”, and the congregation would chant in joyous voices “THANKS BE TO GOD!”, which had more than one meaning.

I see my kids do it now…

But when we break Mass down into key components, I bet you won’t guess which part can help you lose weight?

The entrance hymn? OK, well, sang with gusto, this could responsible for burning a few extra calories, but certainly not enough to make a huge difference.

Standing for the Gospel? The Gospel and the homily which follow are certainly great for the mindset, and is something that I base my blogs around. But it’s not that.

How about when Mass has ended? And we all sing joyously, march out of the church, and meet the rest of the day with a spring in our step? Again, it could contribute, but it’s not the number one reason.

You see the most important part of Mass, when it comes to fighting the battle of the bulge, is when we receive Holy Communion and share our sign of peace. Why? Because this means that we are interacting and sharing our bugs.


That doesn’t sound too great, I bet you are thinking! In fact, I bet most of you discreetly get the hand gel out after greeting each other with peace so that you can shed yourself of germs.

And I bet you avoid the blood of Christ, because you don’t trust the Minister’s dusty rag on the side of the glass to get ALL the germs off?

So let me explain…

You would be doing good to put the hand gel away, hold on to the person next to you a little longer, give them a hug if you want, if your partner or child is there, give them a kiss! And whilst you are at it take a good glug of the communion wine and be happy.


You see in our body we have trillions upon trillions of gut bacteria.

This HUGE army of little bugs in our system are responsible for all sorts of functions – one being keeping our immune system on an even keel, keeping chronic illnesses at bay, and also making sure that we can digest food properly. Not having a healthy number of these in our system will mean a sluggish digestive system, constant illnesses, and a tendency to hang onto body fat, because our metabolism decreases.

So, sharing living germs among us all means that the good gut bacteria is increased in our bodies. In fact, coming into contact with anything that is living, and have their own gut microbiomes, is good for us; animals, plants, small children (they pick all sorts up!)

This will keep us all tip top and healthy, and not forgetting our metabolisms working well. Which means we can eat more and not put on weight (which is what we all want right?!)

If you want to know more about gut health and how this can affect your overall health – not just weight loss -please feel free to contact me direct by emailing me at colette@collypowerfitness.co.uk where I will answer any questions you have!

– Colette


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