Exploring Women’s Power In The Bible

I am reading a book at the moment called The Power by  Naomi Alderman. You can read a full review over on The Bandwagon, but here’s a basic overview:

Women all over the world develop an electrical power that comes from their hands that they can use to defend themselves. All of a sudden, victims of various lifestyles change. There is a power shift, and how they use it is very interesting.

Part of the book talks about faith, and how this power has been given to the woman for a reason. There is a character in the book who is a runaway taken in by a convent. She hears an “inner voice” telling her that she is the chosen one, and that she must be the one in control to use this power for a reason.

Her fellow housemates see her as the second coming.

The Sister of the convent see this is the devil incarnate.

And it is good to see the different perspectives

You really should read this book!

One of the main characters gives a speech about shifting who we focus on worshipping.

Instead of focusing worship on Jesus, we should focus on the one who gave him life – Mary. Instead of focusing on the male “heroes” of the Bible, we should focus on the likes of Ruth, Rachel, Esther, Abigail, and, of course, Eve – the first woman on earth.

These are all strong women with strong core values that are celebrated in their own right in the passages of the Bible. Let’s take Ruth for example.

Her vow to stay with her mother-in-law Naomi after Ruth’s husband died was admirable, and showed immense commitment, loyalty, and dedication.

And Mary, her belief in God, her commitment to Joseph, and her dedication to bringing up Jesus in God’s human form.

These outline core values that I see in most of my female clients:


Booking a number of sessions with me so that they can commit to making the changes they need to.


I am blessed that I have a high retention rate with my clients, often booking more sessions with me as they start to see results.


Showing up week after week and DOING what they said they would do.

So this post is for the ladies, about celebrating what we are capable of (though not quite the electrifying “power” of the book I am reading!), and how we can draw inspiration from the key ladies in the Bible.

Let me know what you think – who are the most inspiring women you can recall from the Bible?



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